HELL YEAH - 6/6/2013

For this week's Hell Yeah, I'm featuring one of my own videos. Why? It's my site dagnamit! Read on below for more info!

For my new song, "All Along" I made an impromptu video with my pal Tyler Sparks, who shot, directed and spiffed the video up with some titles. "All Along" is a hopeful song about the desire to connect with our loved ones in the great beyond.

After showing the video around to a few people who were genuinely excited about it, I felt compelled to record the song and start arranging it. You can listen to and download the studio version for free here:

And while the studio version is still a work in progress (I will finish it, I promise), I thought it would be fun to release it early alongside the video. I'm very proud of both the song and this lovely, simple video Tyler made so I hope you enjoy them both!

If you like the song, please pass it along! Send it a loved one!

Big thanks to Tyler and also to Kieran Hobler, Josh Webb, and Matt Press for helping out as well!

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