HELL YEAH - 7/18/2013

Better late than never. Late start to the day today, so a late posting for this week's Hell Yeah. Ahem, what's not to like about Reggie Watts? The dude is off the hook. But, wait, what is so lame about being "on the hook" in the first place? Does being "on the hook" mean you're being "too square?" I like things neat and tidy, don't you? I kind of like hanging my backpack up on a hook when I get home, so does that mean I'm square? Hmm, good questions, Ryan. Really good questions. But you know what I think? What's that RH? I think this Reggie Watts video is simultaneously on the hook and off the same hook? In other words, this video is so good and strange, it's physically impossible not to like it.


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